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As The Flood Waters Raged By, Three Men Risked Their Lives To Save This Woman In Danger

It’s one of those things that you hear about all the time, but never really get a chance to see put into practice. Usually, they are used to rescue people or animals that have fallen through some thin ice, the number of bodies making up the rescue formation allowing for more stability and strength. It’s called a human chain and it’s a solid survival technique. A Maryland woman named Jamie Knight learned that all too well just the other night.

In the town where she was living, a freak rain storm dropped a month’s worth of rain on what is normally a fairly dry area. In two hours, flood waters were rising. Within minutes, a flash flood had begun. Now, that label is a bit of a misnomer. A better way of putting it might be “a tidal wave on land.” Huge amounts of liquid, struggling under the pressure of shorelines and canals, suddenly break free. The land, too hard to absorb it, provides the perfect pathway toward destruction. As Jamie stayed in her parked car, the torrents came. Her little burg of Ellicott City was awash in flood waters, and she was stuck in the middle of them.

This Is Jamie Knight



At The Height Of The Horror



The Aftermath



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