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Talk About A Medical Milestone – This Woman Has Done Something Few With Her Condition Has

We don’t like to think of life as finite. We know that, at some point in the future, we will “cease to be,” but that doesn’t mean we want to consider the consequences. Those we leave behind. Those who’ve gone before. The questions raised by religions and the stark answers of science. We don’t want our time cut short. It’s inevitable, but we try not to think about it. Instead, we hope for the best, pray for some solace, and try to live every day as if we won’t have another to spare. It can be hard. It’s often trying. But with one hand to the spirit, it can be done, even when reality keeps tossing you traumas to deal with.

Take the case of an amazing woman from England named Frances Gillett. When she was born, the doctors said she would live to her 20s, if she was lucky. She was destined to die young simply because this was 1941, and patients with her condition tended to fare poorly in the pre-modern medicine era. Then, at age 10, Frances was hit by the plague known as tuberculosis. Again, she was giving limited odds of surviving. Why? Well, you see, Frances was born with Down syndrome, and back in the day, doctors rarely understood the condition. They just considered such babies “retarded” and used said diagnosis as a means of measuring quantity and quality of life. After six months, she beat TB. But the worst (and best) was yet to come.

Frances In Her 30s


Getting The Surprise Of Her Life On Her Birthday


An Amazing 75 Years Young



No Heart Could Be More Open, Or Fuller


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