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Two Brothers Are Hungry To Help After Finding Inspiration Beneath A New Orleans Bridge

For Derrell and Kyllon Martin, the ride to school was a lesson in itself. Before the two boys would ever make it to their New Orleans classrooms, they would pass by countless people surviving on the streets; huddling under tents in the Louisiana rain and shuffling down the dusty roads when the downpours ceased. The homeless presence in New Orleans has been a fact of life for the Martin boys ever since they could remember, but recently they’ve noticed an uptick of the displaced.

Some of our friends came out to help

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Derrell, 10, and Kyllon, 9, watched as the communities of homeless folks increased. It struck a chord in the young boys’ hearts that reverberated indefinitely. These were people just like them, yet they had no mother like theirs to dust them off and tuck them into bed. In fact, the boys realized many of the homeless in their city were by themselves for the majority of their days and nights, without a friendly face to offer support or even some semblance of humanity.

Thanks to everyone’s help we were able to raise over $200.00 for our second lunch box give away

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That’s when the two decided it was time to step up to the plate and be that friendly face themselves. Armed with a grocery list and a limited budget, the Martins sat down and planned a way to distribute foods, clothing, and hygiene products to the disadvantaged of New Orleans.

Their Plan To Feed The Homeless Was In Full Swing

Tucked into unassuming brown paper bags and adorned with inspirational messages from the brothers themselves, some 140 souls were brightened by the generosity and pure love of two young kids just trying to make the world a better place. 

Getting ready

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The Martins’ initiative is now seeking out donations to continue the Helping Lunchbox program. The organization is ever-expanding, now hosting a new goal for the future. The brothers hope to soon serve all of New Orleans; from uptown to the lower 9th ward.

Not bad for a couple of fun-loving kids!