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When This Tourist Saw A Local Homeless Man With No Shoes, His Actions Inspired The Internet

We come across them every single day, and yet we try to believe they are a real social rarity. They could be sitting silently in some public park, or hidden under an overpass. They may be panhandling, asking you for money, or just using the sidewalk or street corner as a base of personal operation. For anyone who’s homeless, just getting through the day unscathed is a huge struggle. No shelter, no idea where their next meal is coming from, and no real sense of personal pride or safety. Out in the streets, anything can happen and – sadly – it usually does.

But in the video below, you will see something wholly unexpected. The set-up sees a tourist who is visiting Antigua when he comes across a homeless man. One of the most striking things about the clip, aside from what happens, is how casually things play out. The down and out individuals is clearly without footwear, his bare feet open to the elements. What this visitor does next is an act of humanity so selfless it will lift your spirit. It’s quick, but potent.

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Stunning. How many of us can claim the same level of compassion and caring. He didn’t know this man. He was visiting Guatemala and didn’t have a duty to help anyone out. Instead, the minute he saw someone without the basic need of clothing and footwear, he took off his expensive pair (Nikes, as you can see) and gave them over. No quall. No desire to be called out for his act. Just one human being acting decent to another. That’s what this world is all about. Perhaps the next time you see someone stuck on the street, you’ll react as this man did. It didn’t take much to make a difference. We need to remember that. Always.

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