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Do You Have A Special Skill? Here Are 10 Examples Of Abilities Not All Humans Share

As human beings, we like to view ourselves at the top of the food chain. We are superior to nature. We are superior to our animal brethren. And in some cases, we even like to think of ourselves as superior to each other. That last sentence is loaded with potential problems, but moving away from the obvious for a moment, it’s clear that some people are smarter, more athletic, more spiritual, and in some ways, just plain better than their less intelligent, less coordinated, and less empathetic members of the social community.

We can also divide ourselves into small categories. Can you curl your tongue? That makes you kind of special, since many people can’t. How about licking your elbow? Again, not a common ability. From touching your tongue to your nose to the simple act of raising a single eyebrow, there are many trick traits that can separate us. Not everyone can wiggle their ears, but as the video below points out, there are ways to “train” yourself to do it. You also can’t die from holding your breath. There are a few others that show us who’s more specialized. Check it out.

Now This Is A Bit Much



Of course, some of the skills presented are not all that meaningful. That paralyze finger stunt? It’s not as hard to move the ring finger as you think. And tickling yourself? It makes sense that your brain, controlling your hands, would warn you about oncoming self-instigated giddiness. It’s just part of the way we are different from the rest of the planet. It’s how we sometimes differ from each other as well.

Can You Do Any Of These?

Here’s Some Amazing Human Feats For You

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