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Science Alert: Watch As This Teacher Saves A Student Using A Time Honored Technique

It’s one of those things we hear about, but rarely see in action. CPR seems to show up all the time – either fictionally, as part of a television program or movie, or factually, say when a disaster strikes and the EMS have to leap into action immediately. Some could argue that it’s more rare than setting a leg or arm before heading to the hospital, that ragtag combination of bandages and wood needing to keep things rigid until doctors can tend to the broken bones.

So when Dr. Henry Heimlich came up with the maneuver to save choking victims, it seemed like he was speaking from experience. After all, one imagines a retired chest surgeon seeing his far share of people in distress and then devising a way to deal with it. So perhaps it will surprise you that Dr. Heimlich has only used his trademarked technique once – when he was 96-years-old. Some have contested this story, pointing to previous incidents in the ’90s and 2000s, but still, it just goes to show you how rare such an occasion can be.

Here’s The Man Who Invented The Maneuver



In the video below, a teacher came to the aid of a suffering child. For what she did, she is definitely a hero. But the most amazing thing about the clip is how casual it all seems. No hyped up histrionics. No attempt to make the situation any more spectacular than it is. Just one human being showing another how compassionate they can be. Everyone involved is safe, and as for Dr. Heimlich – no matter when he applied his maneuver – we are grateful for its creation. Anything that saves lives is a valuable part of this world.

Here’s The Video Of The┬áTeacher’s┬áHeroic Act


And Here’s A Policeman Helping A Choking Victim

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