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Take It All The Way Home And Cool Down This Summer With A Game Of Slip ‘N Slide Kickball!

Don’t get stuck inside this summer trying to avoid the heat! Summer vacation only comes around once a year and with the kids out of school, the sun out, and nothing but free time on your hands, it’s just about time to get creative! That is just what these guys did with their innovative sweat squashing Slip ‘N Slide hybrid!

That’s right there is no use in just slipping and sliding to the end of the mat or into a kiddie pool of refreshingly cool H20 when you can craft a diamond playing field complete with three bases and a home plate. Coming kickball with the classic water drenched mats makes for quite the game. Not only does the slide make for less running and more speed all the way through the bases but it keeps you feeling refreshed and in the scalding heat of summer’s relentless UVs.

Check out this genius remix of kickball where the fun ever stops and the water keeps flowing, just don’t forget your sunscreen!

You Know You Wanna Play!

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Does This Look Like Fun Or What?

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