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Her Face Made Her The Scorn Of Bullies, But This Girl Triumphed By Believing In Herself

They like to say that inner beauty is more important than outward appearance. Whoever “they” are, they really don’t understand how the world works. Sure, we’d like to think that someone’s internal spirit, their soul and how they manifest it in everyday life, would be a better gauge of human quality than a pretty face, a handsome nose, or a svelte physique. We’d LIKE to think. The truth is far more troubling. We preach against bullying and shaming and yet, every moment, we see examples where people must overcome the perceptions of others less their already fragile feelings be permanently destroyed by some arcane idea of attraction.

For little Lilli Sims, life was hard from the very start. She was born with a physical deformity that rendered her looks unusual. For years, she underwent medical treatments and surgeries to look more…”normal.” It wasn’t until later that Lilli realized she was fighting the wrong battle. She didn’t need to worry about what everyone else thought of her. Instead, she had to love herself, and spread a message of inner consideration before teaching the planet to adjust its concept of beauty. Today, she’s happy and wants to be a social worker to help others. It was quite a journey, which you can see in the images below.

Lilli Was Born With Craniofrontonasal Dysplasia, Or CFND


This Meant She Had To Have Many Surgeries Over The Years


By The Time She Was A Teen, Things Were Looking Good


But When She Was Younger, She Was In And Out Of The Hospital


And She Was The Subject Of Frequent Bullying


Still, She Found Friends In School


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