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Ever Wonder How The Planets Taste? These Extraterrestrial Lollipops Might Hold The Answer

Have you ever looked up in the night sky and wondered about the Earth? How it sits in a solar system with eight other orbiting entities (call them planets or dwarves, who cares…) and what it would be like to visit the rings of Saturn, or see the giant hurricane-like storm on Jupiter from above its volatile surface. Maybe you even think a bit broader and wonder if the numerous moons and satellites carry any form of intelligent life and whether or not those beings mean us good will, or harm. It’s part of the mystery of the Universe. We are part of it. It’s intriguing to think who else might be also.

But have you ever wondered what the planets taste like? No, not figuratively. Have you ever imagined the unusual flavor Neptune must offer? Or Venus? Ever wanted to nibble on Pluto, or lick your way through the molten Sun? Well, now you can, thanks to a company offering lollipops with images of our galaxy embedded inside. The suckers look sensational, each one using photorealistic images to explore our curiosity over the cosmos and our own sweet treat taste buds. The video below illustrates. Check it out.

Now That’s Some Special Birthday Cake



Granted, no one has gone to Uranus and sampled its flavor, and you can bet Mercury isn’t high on some R&D tasting panel’s list. According to experts, however, we eat with our eyes, and the visions of our galaxy presented here are more than tantalizing. They’re a window into a world few of us will ever personally experience. Oh sure, we will look up at the night sky and envision a trip to a world far, far away. Now, we can do the same and share a tasty snack as well.

Planets For Your Palette

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