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Solar-Powered Plane Shares A Stunning Time-Lapse Of Its Global Journey

Barely a 100 years ago, a lofty plane ride through the clouds and sunbeams was reserved for those crazy enough to put their life on the line. Humans were never meant to live amongst the clouds, but that hasn’t stopped innovative engineers from putting their life’s work towards the pursuit of flight. Planes got bigger; faster; and more economical in the decades after. New metals and materials provided the skeleton for monster aircraft, capable of journeys lasting hours if not entire afternoons. Pilots started feeling at home and, as a result, cllimbed higher and farther. Floating between mountains of white marshmallow fluff as the world below them turned into a memory of Picasso himself, it’s easy to see aeroplanes were no fad.

The Planes For The Plane Of The Future

sustainable plane

The art of flight progressed to jet fuel and astronomical heights, paving the way for flying busses and ear-splitting fighter jets. By the turn of the century, planes had become as common as cars on the roads. Now the goal of the avionic world was no longer who could build the fastest or biggest plane. The goal was sustainability.

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