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Watch What Happens When Seattle Put A Preschool Into A Retirement Home

Filled with boundless energy, creativity and inspiration, children are our pathway to the future. And with their wisdom, life experience and keen insight, senior citizens help link us back to our history. So imagine what sort of wonderful things might unfold when you put this combination together. One Seattle retirement home did just that when they decided to put a preschool into a retirement home.

The Providence Mount St. Vincent, in Seattle, Washington, houses about 400 senior citizens at its sprawling grounds where 125 wondrous little minds attend preschool located on site at the Intergenerational Learning Center each day.

The preschoolers and seniors share activities such as painting, singing, dancing and storytelling and for everyone involved, the interactions are a win-win situation. The children get to experience the wisdom and nurturing of their elders and the seniors get to experience the vivacity and wonderment of the little ones whose daily presence most certainly brightens their days.

While not unique, this type of program can be found at various retirement homes throughout the country. Filmmaker Evan Briggs recognized something very special about the program at Providence Mount St. Vincent and was inspired to make a documentary about it called Present Perfect.

Briggs felt senior citizens in our society are often overlooked and she wanted to find a way to honor the aging process and tell their stories. She hopes to be able to finish the film with a Kickstarter campaign and share with the world the wonderful results of what happens when both children and seniors are able to live in the present.

See for yourself their amazing interactions below!

The Preschoolers And Seniors Enjoy Doing Puzzles Together


Story Time Is A Special Way For Them To Bond


The Children Take Turns Reading To The Residents


Their Interactions Are Wonderful


They Are Learning What It Means To Respect Elders



This Type Of Fun Benefits All


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