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When Others Rejected Them, This Photographer Stood Up For Kids With Special Needs

People can be so cruel. Just because someone looks different, or has needs that are different than yours, doesn’t make them any less of a person. Sure, if you apply a pointless standard on everyone, no matter their age, size, color, creed, belief, or biological makeup, you are destined to see many fall out of the norm. But “ordinary” does not automatically equal the “best.” In fact, it’s those unique differences between us that make live intriguing and involving. If everyone was the same, we be as dull as monochrome. Individuality brings color to the world, no matter how the divergence comes about.

So when photographer Stephanie Smith heard that one of her brethren refused to take a picture of a child with Down Syndrome (the comment was something along the lines of “what’s the point…”) she jumped in and decided to stop such pointless discrimination. Now she runs a business catering to kids with special needs, hoping to show that everyone is beautiful on the outside, no matter how they look or what issues they carry with them. She only asks for one thing in return – a picture with the child in question. It’s the kind of story that makes your soul sing. Check it out.

Here’s Stephanie In Action

Again, when you consider the background, when you realize another photographer couldn’t be bothered to waste their time taking pictures of kids with special needs, you have to wonder how empty that so-called human being’s life must be. To be so biased and blind to the beauty in anyone’s face, no matter the disease or disability, shows a disdain that instantly dismisses their opinion from the conversation. We are all good. We are all attractive. And we all deserve to be immortalized in images as the same. You go, Stephanie. You’ve got the only good idea here. Everyone else is sadly mistaken.

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