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She Was Paralyzed And Pregnant – What Happened Next To This Dog Was Nothing Short Of A Miracle

Life can be cruel – but not as cruel as some people. What would it take for you to abandon your family pet? Now, before you say “I would never…” let’s just stay within the hypothetical boundaries set? Would you do it under duress? How about if said animal attacked your child? Perhaps you can see yourself, under the right circumstances and with a friendly foster safety net in place, leaving Fido or Mittens with someone focused on finding them a new forever home. Maybe then you could see doing it, right? Well what if said four-footed friend was pregnant…and paralyzed. Would you do it then? Or would it take something Herculean to undermine an animal’s trust in their owner like that?

Whoever owned Maria did just that. Yes, those heartless excuses for human beings turned a desperate dachshund out into the wild to fend for itself. It could barely walk and was ready to give birth. Luckily, the dog was rescued by a group who made sure she was well taken care of, but first, they had to get rid of her fleas (she was anemic from so many bites) and deal with the $3000 plus cost of the C-section (which was the reason the original owners dumped her in the first place – jerks). Even though she was very sick, Maria fought for her babies…and as luck would have it, she became mom to a litter of eight. But there’s more…

Maria Was Paralyzed



She Was Also Pregnant



Her Puppies Were Born…Alive!



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