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Olympic Dreams Come True For Uber Driver When Passenger Raises Funds For Him To See His Son Compete In Rio

Fate seemed to intervene that day when Liz Willock missed her flight to Philadelphia from Chicago. When she hopped in the car of her Uber driver, Ellis Hill, the two would never have imagined the end result would be making Hill’s dreams come true.

During the ride, Willock and Hill were making small talk about the 2016 Rio Olympic games when Willock said she knew someone competing in the games. But she wasn’t prepared for what the driver would reveal next – his son, Darrell, was competing in the men’s shot put competition.

Although this was exciting news, sadly Hill said he wasn’t able to attend the games to see his Penn State track and field star shine because he couldn’t afford it. Willock heard the heartbreak in this proud father’s voice and just knew she wanted to help him. So she reached out to his son, and with his blessing she started a GoFundMe page for Hill’s travel expenses to see Darrell compete in Rio.

Within just a few short days, donations poured in, surpassing the $7,500 goal with the final amount totalling $8,200!

Because he has never had a passport, he will also need to take the necessary steps to acquire one before leaving for the games on August 15. Once he’s got his expedited passport in hand, it’s off to Rio.

Grateful for the kindness of strangers, Hill said whether or not his son wins a medal, Rio will be the experience of a lifetime!

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