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Think You Know What The Most Expensive Substance In The World Is? You’re Probably Wrong

Like the title of this piece says – what do you think the most expensive substance or material on the Earth is? Gold? Platinum? Diamonds? Some rare herb found only in the darkest recesses of the Amazon rainforest. Well, believe it or not, none of these things are. Not even those sparkly gemstones long considered a girl’s BFF. No, the diamond is only number three on a recently compiled list (shown in the video below) of the 15 most valuable materials on the world. Granted, they cost $65,000 per gram, but that’s nothing compared to the top two items.

Indeed, you have to go all the way back to numbers 15 through seven to find anything your average person would find “affordable.” That white truffle at $9 a gram? A bargain when you consider the luminescent substance Soliris sits at $167 per ounce. Good Iranian caviar will set you back $35 a gram, but that’s a deal when you consider something like the radioactive substance Plutonium is often valued at $4000 a gram. It’s all a matter of scarcity and demand. If science wants it, and you can’t find much of it, the cost can be astronomical. How high? The video has all the answers.

You Can Pick Up Some Rhodium For Just $45 Per Gram



The top five are all a bit odd. It’s hard to imagine a certain type of scorpion venom is more valuable than Platinum, or a strange substance know is Tritium beats Gold – by a lot – value-wise. And is it really fair to include something we’ve yet to truly understand and master? It’s like including angel’s wings, even though there’s no real proof that they actually exist in reality. Still, this is science for you, as well as the aforementioned supply and demand. If saffron could cure cancer, it would be worth much more than its 14th place finish at $11 a gram.

Time To Find Out The Answer

Now That’s Some Expensive Pudding

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