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This Mob Saw The Entire Thing, Then Decided To Help A Man Who Flipped His Car

The car accident. Is there a greater example of “there before the grace of God” out there? We all have to get from Point A to Point B, but unless you are blessed to live where mass transit makes such travel easy, it’s four wheels and a tank of gas for the rest of us. During Driver’s Ed (for those who still remember it), the whole idea was to proceed with caution. Pretend the other guys is a road raging maniac with metal destruction on his or her mind and you should be ok. Of course, that’s not always the case, and it definitely wouldn’t have stopped something like what happened below.

You see, this guy was driving to work – at an accelerated speed – when a book in his back seat got his attention. He tried to ignore it, but said piece of literature would not allow itself to be rejected. Instead, it flew up into the driver’s face, causing him to lose control. While overcompensating for a swerve, he sent his vehicle into that most deadly of modes – the multiple flip. Landing on its roof a few feet away from the pavement, things did not look good for our motorist. But then a mob stepped in.

Something Like This Is Never Good



That’s right, a group of travelers, most having seen the accident first hand, parked their cars and jumped out to help. With so many, they were able to easy flip the vehicle on its tires. And what did they find underneath. A tragedy? Something even more shocking? In truth, they found something worth celebrating, a miracle in automotive engineering form. Check it out below, and see if you don’t agree that this guy needs to thank the angels who were riding shotgun with him.

It’s Man Power Vs. Horsepower To The Rescue


And Here’s Another Good Samaritan Helping Out

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