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Thanks To Some Helpful Humans, This Paralyzed Pup Is Actually Learning To Walk Again

Pets are part of our family. Oh sure, you’ll hear someone somewhere dismiss their dog or cat (or other) as a mere “animal,” but pop on a video of a feral kitten crying for food, and that cynic’s heart breaks in record time. Sure, we go a bit overboard with the pampering and the playtime, but with such a strong emotional bond and years of sentiment in place, it’s hard to deny our love. It even extends to animals we don’t know. Have you ever driven down the street and seen a stray? Doesn’t your soul sink thinking something as helpless as that is being left out to its own devices? Admit it.

And then there are situations like the one you see here. This poor little pup has back legs that don’t work so well. You could call them paralyzed, but they appear to be weak and underdeveloped. Naturally, those who care for him developed a doggie wheelchair to help him out, and as the video at the end of this story shows, our little hero gets around like a drag racer in it. But the therapists also believed their pint-sized pooch could improve with some exercise. Thus began a course of physical activity with the end goal being the use of his back legs again.

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There’s Video Of This Pup’s Progress – Click On The NEXT PAGE To See It