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With Just A Few Words, This Mother Turned A Boy’s Tentative Joy Into Outright Celebration

They’re the words that every patient wants to hear. Whether it’s something as simple as a broken bone, or something as complex as cancer, the long struggle between diagnosis and prognosis is all hinged on an endgame that provides either good news or tragedy. For those who are old enough to understand the dynamic, there’s a combination of hope and helplessness, a desire to remain optimistic balanced with the belief in something more dire and depressing in the future. Still, the spirit remains strong, relying on faith and our feelings toward science and technology as the bellwether toward our ability to get better.

But for children, the challenge can be even greater. Depending on their age – it’s worse for the very young – the notion of having to deal with such an adult ideal is overwhelming. For them, the mind reduces everything into a pro and a con. Pro – you live to see another day. Con – that might not happen. In the case of Ben Morris, both exist. Having battled leukemia since age three, he gets the scary situation he is dealing with. But now, his mom has returned from the doctors with news to share, and when he hears it, the reaction says it all. The video below captures the moment beautifully. Check it out.

Ben In The Hospital



Hurrah! How wonderful is that? Instead of having to put forth more and more effort in what could be a questionable course of treatment, Ben has persevered and come out on top. Granted, he could always lapse back into cancer mode, but for now, he can return to being who he is at heart and in reality – a carefree kid. In situations like this, it’s the kind of news that turns patients into partiers.


Here’s Ben Getting The News

And How About A Little Animal Therapy

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