Peek-A-Boo: Let’s Look At The Often Intriguing Insides Of Some Everyday Objects

It’s the kind of curiosity that even the most stable, life loving cat might not be able to avoid. It’s like a secret kept from society, a special little question that, when answered, has the ability to both increase and destroy the magic inherent in the object simultaneously. For most of us, it’s not a bother. We could care less what a lemon looks like without its skin, or what constitutes the inside of a baseball. But there are those whose endless fascination equals social media airtime, so someone’s got to do the exploring.

In the video below you will learn what it takes to tear open a part of America’s previous national pastime, as well as how the skinless juiciness of a watermelon and the aforementioned citrus fruit look. Ever wondered what Elmo looks like sans fake fur, or how toothpaste looks outside the tube. It’s a fun little clip and well worth checking out.

The Inside Of A Huge Cargo Ship Is Really Fascinating



Granted, we’ve all eaten watermelon outside of its rind and there are numerous applications for an equally naked piece of lemon. But the inside of a baseball is intriguing. So is the basic skeletal structure and electronics of that Sesame Street figure. But toothpaste? A blob of white stuff? That’s not very interesting. How about the workings of a toaster, or a flat screen TV? Maybe a dragon fruit would provide more interest than a standard piece of produce. Curiosity may have its downside, but satisfaction can be equally underwhelming. Just saying.

Let’s Take A Look Inside


And What’s Hiding Inside This Cereal Box?

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