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She Was Left In The Road For Dead, Until An Empathetic Driver Stopped To Help…And Fell In Love

We see them along the side of the road and our hearts break. We wonder aloud who would let a beloved family member without the natural ability to fend for itself out into a world where that’s exactly what they have to do. Cars don’t have compassion – only their drivers can avoid the inevitable – and let’s not even consider the number of natural predators who see Fido or Mittens as food, not friend. Still, it seems like every single hour of every single day, we see death around us. Even in the case of the loveable pup that’s the center of this story, almost no one wanted to stop and see if she was OK – or at the very least, give her a dignified burial.

Laying in the middle of the road in a busy part of town, many just assumed this dirty white dog was dead. When David Loop drove by, his heart sank. He wanted to get the poor animal out of the street, so he stopped and decided to help. As he picked the poor pup up it moved. Sensing he could do more, he immediately drove the suffering animal to his vet. There, the diagnosis was given – broken femur, numerous bugs and parasites, and possible internal injuries. David knew the prognosis wasn’t good, but he wanted to do anything he could to help this frightened pup. When he picked her up, she whimpered in his arms. That was all he needed to hear.

This Is How David Loop Found Miracle


It Was Touch And Go For A While


Then, One Day, She Was Out Of The Woods


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