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This Wheelchair Bound Cheerleader’s Performance Will Inspire Your Entire Week

It’s taken a long time to reach the point where people will accept those with special needs outside the preset boundaries created by so-called “society.” In the past, parents used a mantra that claimed children should be seen and not heard – or something like that. Up until recently, that’s how the disabled and the differently-abled were treated – acknowledged, but best left in the shadows. Luckily, we’ve changed our viewpoint on such things. We now see these people as part of humanity, not exceptions to it. This means there are more opportunities for them. This means acceptance is more than mere placation, or pity.

The girl in the video here is from Australia, and she has cerebral palsy. Let that sink in for a minute. She’s getting ready to be part of a major competition, and she’s part of a team that wants her talents, not one that makes exceptions for them. As the routine starts, you’ll instantly understand why they include her. If energy and vibrancy, and most importantly of all, school spirit, had a persona, it would be Debbie Stark. She is youthful enthusiasm made human, the smile on her face is enough to make even the oldest grump break out in a grin.

This Is Debbie



Here She Is With Her Team



Her Energy And Spirit Are Infectious



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