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Your Favorite Mini Monsters Have A Game, So When Will We See A Harry Potter Go App?

Talk about going from zero to 60Β in less than a second. One minute, we didn’t know it even existed. The next, it’s the game name on everyone’s tongue and a social phenomenon destined to deconstruct our tired old notions of online interaction. There are no angry birds involved. There’s nary a flappy one in sight, either. It’s not a first person shooter or a challenge of worlds and bosses.

No, Pokemon Go took the idea that originated back when we were all a lot younger and turned it into a cellphone camera craze. The app, which took Nintendo stock to new heights upon release, has turned the entire world into a playground, and people from eight to 80 into various levels of mini-monster masters. Naturally, the rest of pop culture is staring in stunned disbelief, while devotees supply a “what took them so long” sensibility.

Social Media Responds

Now, those passionate over Harry Potter have chimed in, wondering when J.K. Rowling and her ilk will come out with a similarly styled game for lovers of the boy wizard. Twitter has been taken over with people wanting to play, desperate for a chance to capture rare magical beasties while belting out Hogwart’s familiar spells. Maybe even throw in a Horcrux or two (or 10) for good measure. What about you? Would you play Harry Potter Go? And better yet, would you pay for the privilege of doing so? We’ll see soon enough, one imagines.

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