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He Wanted To Make His Grandmother’s 86th Birthday Special – He Ended Up Doing More Than That

They are our parental back-up plan, the go-to guardians when Mom and Dad need a break from what biology has wrought. They pamper and spoil us, offering little of the discipline we require to keep from getting the familial name in deep, deep trouble. They dote on us, making up for a past filled with limited life lessons. Your father and mother were the test cases. You get all the glory – and the presents, and the candy, and the cuddles – while they sit back and wonder why they were left lacking. Still, while they’re with us, Grandma and Grandpa are special, and deserve something equally extraordinary when a day of remembrance comes along.

So when it got to be his Gran’s 86th birthday (he’s from England, while most of his family is spread between the UK and Australia) David Goodlings decided to do something incredible for her. With relatives strewn from one end of the globe to the other, he knew it would be hard to manage a reunion, but this is 2016, and if there is one thing in abundance, it’s technology. So with a bit of imagination and some digital recording equipment, David did something delightful. You’ll see it all happen when you click over to the next page and watch the clip. Go ahead…do it.

This Is Gran’s Reaction To What Happened


Then This


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