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Her Friend Was Battling Cancer- What Her BFF Did Caused The School To Suspend Her

When tragedy strikes, who can you really rely on? Your family? Hopefully, especially if there’s been no disagreements or dysfunction in your time together. How about public officials? Sadly, they aren’t really concerned with individual agendas. Their time is taken up with matters that affect all the citizenry. The staff at the hospital or the doctor who delivers some devastating news? Not really. They have a decent bedside manner, but for the most part, they are just a cog in a machine meant to diagnosis your disease, prescribe a course of treatment, and get you back on your feet – or as comfortable as possible – until it all passes.

No, the real support system comes from your friends, those individuals who you’ve developed a bond with over the years. They can be schoolmates or someone you met at the mall. They can be in the city you live in, or as with many such situations in the age of social media, across the globe and accessible by Internet. Maybe you don’t talk as often as you should, but you know instantly they have your back when something serious hits. In the case of Delaney Clements, it was cancer. She was a child, and her playmate Kamryn Renfro wanted her to know how much she supported her struggle. So she shaved her head to mimic what Delaney was going through during chemo. And that’s when the bureaucrats stepped in.




Kamryn was suspended from school, the administration citing a dress code that banned shaved heads (apparently, natural balding is OK). The story hit the web and, before you knew it, the school district in Colorado where the girls live held an emergency meeting. Did they make things right? The clip explains it all. No matter the legal outcome, the emotional outcome is obvious. Delany needed help and Kamryn was there to provide it. That’s what friends do. That’s why they are the ones you can truly rely on.

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