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Feeling A Bit Of A Chill? In Just Four Hours, You Can Make Your Own Hand-Knitted Blanket

It’s one of those mysterious domestic DIYs, almost on the same level as needlepoint, embroidery, crocheting, and that stalwart of the ’60s and ’70s, macramé. When you hear the name, you instantly think of some elderly, turn-of-the-century relative sitting with a pair of oversized needles in her hands and a ball of yarn in the other. While we long abandoned the desire to handcraft our own clothing, many still love the idea of making blankets and quilts by hand. It’s a part of our past. It’s a forgotten art form that many embrace as readily as its pearl-one practice – knitting.

In the video below you will learn how to make a snuggly Giganto covering completely from scratch. It seems a bit surreal, kind of like those people whose pastime involves turning regular sized objects into amazing miniatures. In this tutorial, you are taught knitting on a grand scale, and the use of PVC pipe with duct tape ends may seem silly, but as you will see, it works. And check out the end results. It’s perfect for those long winter nights where the temperatures are dropping and the winds are howling.

Perfect For Those Comfy Nights During The Winter



Yeah, OK, we can hear you saying, I’d rather drive over to IKEA and buy the latest unpronounceable design from Sweden. Why do I need to learn such a skill in the first place? Well, aside from the obvious sense of accomplishment, it’s like the old adage. Feed a man and you end his hunger temporarily. Teach him to farm, or fish, and you end his hunger forever. It’s the same here. Want a new sweater? Just apply the techniques here and rock that new look. Or maybe a new scarf would help those Fall days feel a bit warmer. You now own the skill to make it happen – and all because you took time to watch a YouTube video. How amazing is that?

Get Ready To Get Your Yarn On

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