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It’s A Proposal For The Ages As This Flash Mob Shocks This Groom-To-Be

Thank you very much social media. It used to be that, when two people wanted to hook up and spend the rest of their lives with each other, the dude got down on one knee (usually in front of family, or the gobsmacked clientele at a fancy restaurant) and requested his partner’s hand in marriage. That was it. A little ring action. A few tears. And then a lot of planning (even if you eventually eloped thanks to all the pressure put on you by friends and family). The engagement circa the non-tech age was simple.

Today, it’s like performance art. You can’t just proclaim your love and say “Yes.” Instead, you have to turn the entire thing into an event, include everyone who’s ever been a part of your life, and make sure it has some Instagram or Snapchat worthy gimmick or stunt. Sometimes, it happens in a place you least expect – a football arena, a movie theater, maybe even on the top of a major mountain chain. Or perhaps the most popular of all the New Age types – the flash mob. Indeed, getting several dozen strangers together to choreograph your plea for matrimony seems to be the pre-nuptial plan du jour. The video below explains what we mean.

All Together Now



See, the guy doesn’t even get it at first. He’s got his phone out and is taking photos of the menu while the mob is warming up. Then, he enjoys himself, making little connection to the context until his girlfriend appears. Then, his jaw hits the cobblestone ground and never comes up. Even through her nervous query, he’s astonished…and he should be. No matter how commonplace they are (or once were) setting up such stunt takes a lot of planning. This bodes well for their wedding, and a long life afterward. Bravo to our bride-to-be and her stunned beau.

Here’s The Flash Mob Moment

And Here’s Another One

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