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After 10 Years Of Marriage And Struggle, Her Husband Surprised Her In The Best Way Possible

We all hope we find it – “the ONE.” That person we connect with instantly. That soulmate who understands us implicitly and accepts us for who we are without reservation or regret. Let’s face it – we all come with a lot of baggage that no other individual should have to put up with. The dating face is one thing. What we really are, how we really feel and really respond, are aspects of ourselves we save for that someone special. We hope they accept us. We need them to do so. If they don’t – there’s other fish in the sea (supposedly). If they do, then the bonding begins, and before long, we create an unbreakable link that looks, for all intents and purposes, like everlasting love.

Now add in a disability or disease. Even if the latter is not terminal, it tries even the most solid relationship. Carl Gilbertson knew his betrothed was suffering from multiple sclerosis, but when he got together with love of his life Laura, he told The Today Show, “When we met, although having MS, she was fully able bodied, worked as a children’s nurse and we’d been together for a little while before she even told me, because it no big deal.” Her condition worsened (she is now in a wheelchair), but he wanted to do something to make her understand that, no matter what changes, his feelings for her were forever. After seeing her tear up during a flash mob proposal online, Carl got an idea.

This Is Laura Gilbertson On Her Wedding Day



This Is Her Amazing Husband Carl



And Here Is Just Part Of What Happened To Laura On Her 10th Anniversary



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