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A Lesson In Fire-Safety Leads This Teacher To Jump Right Out The Window!

Teachers are always looking to go that extra mile when it comes to their students’ education. In fact, that’s the reason they got involved with teaching in the first place! However, routines wear thin in the classroom over time. Kids start propping their heads up with arms, hiding behind textbooks, and taking apart pens when boredom pervades.

This apathetic response tends to frustrate faculty, but it becomes a real hazard when life-saving lessons are on the board. Fire safety may seem as common as the fire extinguishers in the hallway, but where does it go when the ash hits the fan?

To prove an unforgettable point, one teacher decided to take hisĀ lesson to the next level. As the kids droned through the class perĀ usual, Mr. Teacher suggested a worst case scenario.

A fire rages at the classroom door, and the only escape is an open window. In the heat of the moment, the kids say they would simply hop out into the fresh air. What they didn’t expect though, was a demonstration of their hastily considered decisions!

With a scream worthy of Wilhelm, Mr. Teacher turned and sprinted towards the classroom window. It doesn’t take long for the kids to catch on, but one thing remains unclear…

Have they ever seen Mr. Teacher and Superman in the same room, at the same time? Maybe that’s just another lesson for another day.

Now That’s An Interesting Lesson Plan!

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