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This Fabulous Feline Gets A Second Chance After Undergoing Life-Changing Surgery

Vincent the cat is one extraordinary creature. The three-year-old disabled feline recently made the technological history books when a veterinarian gave him a new set of legs. Iowa State University associate professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, performed the first ever orthopedic surgery of its kind to help fit Vincent with prosthetic hind legs.

Owner Cindy Jones first met Vincent a few years ago at the Iowa animal shelter where she works, and she just knew she had to take him home with her. The spunky kitten was discovered by a woman at a campground who initially thought she could care for him, but ultimately she had to drop him off to the shelter once she realized she couldn’t.

It wasn’t clear to Cindy if Vincent had lost his legs to an accident or if it was a birth defect, but one thing was clear: she wanted to give him a loving home.

Her daughter, a veterinary student at Iowa State, suggested taking Vincent with her to visit Dr. Bergh, who would ultimately change his life for the better. When the doctor first met Vincent, she thought they could try to save one of his hind legs; he also tried using a cart to get around. But his progress was limited, so she decided to go ahead with the ground-breaking surgery.

BioMedtrix played a major part in helping the kitty get use of his rear legs again. The veterinary orthopedics company donated special 3-D leg implants made of titanium-alloy just for Vincent. Estimated to cost several thousands of dollars, the procedure couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for their generous donation. The neat thing about the titanium-alloy legs is that they are strong enough to support Vincent while his bones have a chance to grow into the material.

Vincent bounced back from the first surgery in no time, and was walking around and back to his old playful self. His second surgery to attach longer legs was a huge success, and after several months, he can do just about anything any other cat can, except jump and climb up stairs.

See for yourself what this amazing kitty can do below!

Vincent Was Such A Cute Kitten!


Here He Is With Dr. Bergh


Vincent’s Prosthetic Legs Gave Him A Second Chance


Here’s A Closer Look At The Implants…



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