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How Do You Make An Ordinary Candle Spooky? Why Not Include A Creepy Metal Skeleton…Inside!

Horror is hot these days. Fans flock to films hoping to see the latest in scary movie maniacs with bloody knives blazing and teen victims piled up like clumps of cordwood. They can’t wait to jump at the sound ghostly visages make in the middle of the night and wonder how they would respond should a zombie apocalypse suddenly break out. Now, some devotees dread to take their obsession too far. They turn their homes into literal haunted houses and wear creepy costuming like it’s Halloween 24/7. For them, it’s always time for terror. For them, there’s the Angry Owl.

What is an Angry Owl? Well, if you look at the images below, and watch the attached video, you’ll quickly learn what this distinctive wax wonder is all about. Currently seeking distribution and additional funding via Kickstarter, the company behind this frightening figurine, Skeleton Candles, features many products with a metal “monster” inside. That’s right, the product name says it all.

Not only can you choose from owls in various colors, but there are Gummy-style bears as well. As you can see, when you light them, the paraffin dissolves, leaving behind a menacing metal façade. Imagine going to bed at night with your Owl or Bear lit, and finding that “thing” left behind.

While it might not be the stuff of nightmares (it’s hard to see anyone losing sleep over a piece of metal sculpture inside a shaped candle) it is a nifty novelty. It’s definitely a unique gift, better than some scented jar from Yankee Candle. When that burns out, you’re usually left with a charred container. When Angry Owl is done, you’re left with an eerie object to remember it by.

An Owl And A Metal Skeleton



Here’s What They Look Like Inside



Once You Light Them, The Fun Begins



They Come In All Kinds Of Colors



Sans The Candle Wax



Or How About A Gummy Bear?



And Here’s A Video

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