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3-Year-Old Is Taking The Internet By Storm With Her Viral Music Videos

What started out as a lullaby tradition between father and daughter has since grown into an adorable project. Dave Crosby had raised his little girl with a nighttime ritual common to most kids. A lullaby helped little Claire drift off to sleep, every night. For a year and a half, Claire would listen to her father, a musician no less, sing the same tune. Whenever he began to sing, Claire became enthralled by the words and melody, until the one day she decided to join in.

“Ever since Claire was born I have sung her the exact same song every night before bed. One night, when she was around 16 months she joined me and started singing to me out of nowhere. She sang the entire song perfectly in tune and knew every word. It was amazing.”

Dad was proud of his new duet partner, but thought nothing more of it. Claire continued to sing her Disney tunes, even putting on a bit of a show in public places. It wasn’t until a trip to the mechanic that Dave realized his daughter’s passion for performing could be enjoyed by more than just a few strangers. Claire belted out her favorite Disney tune and in the process, started the ball rolling.

“It made everyone in the waiting room laugh and people were pulling out their cell phones and recording it. It just made everyone there really happy.”

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