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You’ve Had Rainbow Sherbet, But How About Pure Black Ice Cream…Yes, Black?

Sometimes, you can only take so much joy. Happiness can often be replaced by sadness, and vice versa, of course. Then there are those instances where something dark and diabolical is preferable to a plate of something tooty and fruity. Rainbows are wonderful, reminding us of a world loaded with color and light. But sometimes, a little night music is necessary, and on those occasions, the darkness can be embraced as the temporary timeline from an otherwise exceptional existence. In those instances, it would be nice to have something cold, sweet, and black. For those moments, may we introduce the coconut ash ice cream treat from Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City.

Now, in the past, such specialties were created with squid ink (ew!) or sesame seeds (weird). Here, the chefs whip up their deep dark confection with, as we mentioned, coconut ash. No, it doesn’t really taste like the tropical delight, but the black material, which many would refer to as charcoal, it perfectly edible and when combined with other coconut flavorings, provides a unique way to beat the endless sunshine of a blistering Summer day. Sure, fast food outlets like Burger King have used Halloween to entice us into eating a black Whopper, but this might be the first time your favorite frozen delicacy has gone Goth.

Two Scoops Of Doom, Please!



Of course, no one knows about the biological aftermath of such a serving. Will it turn your tongue black? Your mouth? Other…things? Again…ew! Still, in a world which seems to need a gimmick to get people to move an inch or so outside their comfort zone, you’d go coco-nutty for some black ice cream, right? And think of the visual possibilities within the traditional sundae. Besides, as long as it tastes good, the color doesn’t matter. Black…white…chocolate…vanilla…and now coconut ash. We all scream for it.

Time To Get Your Goth Sweet Treat On

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