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Dancing With The Doctors – Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta’s Viral Healing Methods

Growing up as a sick kid can be an intimidating process. But, like the great Patch Adams has lived (and his Robin Williams on-screen counterpart shown), a little bit of fun can make a world of difference. One Atlanta-based hospital is taking that sentiment to heart.

Healing doesn’t always happen on prescription pills, and the more human-minded doctors have long been pushing for alternative routes to fix what’s broken in healthcare. Often, the lonely isolation of a hospital room; away from family, friends and a normal life, is enough to overcome the emotional walls of patients. After that, there isn’t much pills and needles can do.

“Pain is just a state of mind.”

Especially for children, life wearing a hospital gown comes as a constant battle to win over the pain in the mind. Without the life experiences of an adult, doctors and nurses have to resort to quirks and conversation to lift their little patients’ spirits. They form a special bond of trust, and that might be the most important factor for successful pediatric healthcare.

Dancing With The Doctors Of Atlanta

The doctors of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta are especially talented at finding new ways to heal their young patients. That doesn’t always mean sterile rooms with cold, gloved digits, though. The pediatricians of Atlanta realize that kids need to be kids, and that kind of fun shouldn’t stop for any reason. Cue the music, because it’s time to dance that pain away!

“We have some of the toughest patients who face battles that many people couldn’t imagine. We are here not only to help them heal, but to celebrate their strength and triumphs. It’s just so important for kids to be kids.”