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Sailing Away On A Dream, This Woman Lives In An Incredible Mini-Houseboat

It’s the latest trend in housing. Back during the ’50s, post-war families trying to find some unique manner of getting away from it all used the RV as their means of portable living. It was the home you could take with you, the lap of luxury as moveable mobile feast. Then home ownership on actual stable land returned with a vengeance. The next thing we knew, it was time for the mini-manor, or McMansion, to turn suburban neighborhoods into examples of oddball zoning run amuck. Now, we’re back to the mini, and with it, a whole new level of unusual.

First there are the mini-houses, those one room recreations of a living space which find new and ingenious ways to put a bed, bath, and all mod cons in a single 200-square-foot space. They can be freestanding, but usually are equipped with trailer hook-ups to provide for ease of mobility. That’s something Bonnie doesn’t really need to worry about. The Canadian resident lives along the rivers of Quebec…in a houseboat…an amazing miniature houseboat. Here it is sitting along the water’s edge.

Bonnie’s Houseboat



The video is even more inviting. In it, you learn of Bonnie’s inspiration, her lifelong love of water, and how she adjusts to all four seasons – especially up North, where the temps can drop rapidly and without warning. It’s a true grand tour, from stern to bow and all places in between. And the best part? When she’s not using it, she rents it out via Airbnb. That way, you can gauge how eager you are to get away from it all and start living along the rivers and creeks (or lakes and oceans) of your dream locale.

Here’s The Video

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