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It’s Not Just A Model Airplane – It’s A Working Military Grade Turbine Jet…In Miniature

Thanks to technology, almost every hobby or pastime has been supersized and tweaked, given over to bigger and bigger examples of what is supposed to be a leisurely experience. Reading was once a pocket paperback at the beach. Now it’s an tablet loaded with more books than one human can consume in two lifetimes. Model trains were a card table trip into the past. Now they take up whole rooms, are operated by computers, and live within a landscape constructed to be almost photorealistic. From craft projects that are practically done for you to word processor aided poetry, we no longer enjoy our relaxation, we engage with it.

Take the people who play with model airplanes. Back, decades ago, some balsa wood and a rubber band had you eyeing the skies. Jump forward a bit and gas-powered engines guaranteed a more realistic day in the air. Now, we have things like the replica of the Blackbird turbo jet below. Indeed, this exacting recreation of the famed plane is like a mini-military operation in one sixth scale surreality. It’s a marvel of manmade manufacturing and a real show stopper. It also looks like it cost a pretty penny, though money rarely stops those who are committed to their diversion.

And We Have LIFTOFF!



It’s an amazing sight to behold. Since we rarely get a chance to see such aircraft up close and personal, this is one of those rare times when a miniature reproduction will do the trick. And it flies like the real thing as well, something you don’t expect from something built in someone’s garage. Granted, with competitions and contests for such hobbies getting more and more press, it seems like hobbyist have to push the envelope to win awards. In this case, the boundaries have been broken and moved as far back as possible.

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