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This Artist Makes Incredible Jewelry…And You’ll Never Guess Where He Draws His Inspiration

There is probably no purer form of creativity around. It is art unblemished by expectation or experience, aesthetic cascading out from a mind unburdened by anything other than the desire to express oneself however they can. The ideas are unadulterated, the execution often unskilled, but even in its most rudimentary form, it brings nothing but smiles to people’s faces. What is it we are talking about? It’s the mindless doodling of a child, scribbles sent from the brain to the hand in a fashion so full of life and freedom that we can evaluate it all we want, but the criticism only winds up sounding cynical.

So how can you make such undeveloped art even better? How about by turning it into a piece of jewelry? That’s exactly what Tasarım Takarım from Turkey has done. Following in the footsteps of fellow craftsmen Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu and Özgür Karavit, he uses the dreams of children for his inspiration. These artists feel like they are adding to the memory bank of the family, creating something similar to the bronzing of baby shoes or the placing of tiny handprints in plaster. Looking at the gallery below, we’d argue these are far more impressive and a great deal more fun. See for yourself.

This Is How It’s Done


‘Who’ Could Resist Them?


Such A Grasp Of The Drawing’s Inner Meaning


And So Elegant…In Their Own Way


Here’s The Inspiration


And Here’s The End Result


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