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In An Amazing Act Of Solidarity, Third Grade Boy’s Teacher Shaves His Head To Support Student

Dean Shuffield was a normal third-grader who liked the same things most kids his age like: sports, hanging out with his friends, and time with his family on the weekends. The only difference between the fun-loving boy nicknamed “Dino” and his peers? An autoimmune condition called Alopecia areata, which caused him to lose his hair in large patches.

He wasn’t sure what to do or how to feel about losing so much of his hair, and each day became more challenging. His teacher, Ehren Steiner, knew Dean was struggling with the decision whether or not to shave his head, and wanted to offer his student his support to get through the ordeal.

Dean’s mother Teresa said he was hesitating to shave his head because he was worried that other students would make fun of him. So in a show of solidarity, Ehren decided to shave his head, too.

Dean’s mother was very touched by Mr. Steiner’s act of kindness, and believed it would make her son feel more accepted by his peers.

Ehren said that by shaving his head, it also helped opened up communication between students at the school about tolerance of people and their differences.

What a beautiful lesson from Mr. Steiner, to the school and the world.

Dean’s Hair Continued To Fall Out Because Of Alopecia



What A Wonderful Message Of Acceptance



Here’s Dean And Mr. Steiner

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