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After Almost Losing Her Son, One Very Grateful Mother Has a Message For Parents Around The World

It was just another day of camp for this grateful mother of a seven-year-old boy. Cyrissa Carlson had been dropping her son off at the local summer camp for weeks on end. He loved it. She loved that he loved it. Everything was great. Until of course, it wasn’t. On one seemingly regular day which had played out just as the rest things took a turn for the worse.

Cyrissa’s son was on a hike with the rest of the group when he found himself and a five-year-old peer separated from the rest of the group. After wandering through the woods alone for over 15 minutes the young boys made their way to a local middle school.

The camp counselors had not noticed that they were missing two of their 15 or so students, giving the boys ample time to wander aimlessly alone. Thankfully, Cyrissa’s son and the other child were greeted by a friendly and helpful woman who saw that the boys were lost and lifted them back to camp.

The story ends well but there is much more to this frightened woman’s message. What if the person who found the two wandering children was not as kind as the hero who picked the lost boys up? Cyrissa has a message for all parents of young children that needs to be heard. Press play and heed the warning of this mother who experienced an incredibly close call.

This Momma Is Blessed To Have Her Baby Back

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