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African Children’s Choir Brings A Disney Princess To Tears With Their Impromptu Performance

Disneyland is a magical place, and that image of wonder and imagination is helped along by the dedicated characters roaming the park. When visitors come to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, characters like Mickie Mouse facilitate a childhood fantasy and give both adults and kids a blast of the feel-good feelings. But, when the 45th African Children’s Choir came through the front gates, it was the characters themselves that were given the thrill of a lifetime.

The African Children’s Choir Visits With Mickie

45 african children's choir

The kids, 15 in total, were roving the Happiest Place On Earth on a relaxing break from their US tour. Back home in Uganda, the children are faced with a frustrating situation. Some were orphaned while others struggle against the firm grip of poverty; war and famine ravaging their hopes for a successful future. To fight back against the unfortunate realities of their home life, the African Children’s Choir is touring the US. Their performances help to fund their futures, but an unpaid performance at Disneyland may have made an even bigger impact.

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