17 Kids Who Have Mastered The Art Of Hide And Seek So Well They May Never Be Found…

There is nothing like a good ol’ game of hide and seek to take you back to your childhood days. Once you have your own little munchkins, it’s one of the most fun things you can do when the family finds themselves stuck inside on a rainy day or you just want to exercise everyone’s critical thinking and imagination.

It’s truly the simple things in life like an impromptu game of hide and find with the crew, especially when the youngins haven’t quite grasped the concept yet and you find their “hiding spots” to be not that well hidden at all!

Many children believe that if they cannot see you, then you cannot see them. You know, as long as their eyes are closed or their heads covered, they are certain to win. It’s all too entertaining to see some of their bright ideas! These kids have seriously mastered the art of hide and seek and by mastered, we mean EPIC-ly failed – but it’s too cute to miss!



Nothing To See Here


When You See It


He Clearly Thought This One Through


My, This Couch Is Lumpy



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